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USNA Class of 1986 Induction Day


Proud Members of USNA Class of 1986,


We have an exceptional opportunity to have a lasting memory of the beginning of our time at USNA while simultaneously helping our class to raise funds for our Class 40 year gift back to USNA.  We have a beautiful rendition of a photo of our USNA Class of 1986 Induction Day which has been brought to life by a local artist, Audrey Lee.    We encourage you to take one of these prints (framed or unframed) home with you as a lasting memory and a great chance to give back to the Academy in the name our of Class.  This will be a limited offering so don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


Class Officers of the USNA Class of 1986 

Note:  Prints (available in 3 sizes) may take up to 2 weeks before shipping.  
Framed Prints (available in 2 sizes) may take 4-6 weeks before shipping.
Order by July 31st for these products.     

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